In Pacific Beach, there are so many Fall events being hosted by bars, organizations and friends! Pacific Beach can be very festive for all the holidays! Find a hotel for an overnight stay in Pacific Beach.

Halloween Celebrations in Pacific Beach 

Look out for parties hosted by bars in Pacific Beach. They usually celebrate it during a 2 weekend span so if you miss the weekend before Halloween, more likely you can join in the fun the weekend after Halloween! 

Going to a costume party doesn't have to break the bank, find a used costume from Craigslist or the Thrift store! You can also borrow your roommate's old costume. 

I've seen so many girls buy brand new costumes and they only used it once! If you do have time, then you can buy a cheap costume online but be careful about shipments from China. They can take weeks to arrive. 

Christmas Celebrations (Ugly Christmas Parties) in Pacific Beach

Many organizations and social groups host Ugly Sweater Parties and bar crawls (bar hopping) in Pacific Beach. There have been years where people were scrambling last minute to find an ugly sweater and just can't find one! Thrift shops would run out of these old Christmas sweaters due to the popularity of the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties that have been reigning during the month of December for the last several years! Eventually some of the thrift stores began making their own ugly Christmas sweaters and selling them! 

Tips on how to find an Ugly Christmas Sweater
  1. Go to a thrift shop at least a month ahead! So start looking around November or before to find a cheap ugly Christmas sweater.
  2. Go to Wal Mart starting in November. There are so many cheap Christmas sweaters at Wal Mart for $15 or less. Even if you get closer to Christmas, more likely than not, they'll still have a lot of inventory from new shipments. You can also buy them online and then pick the location that has it and choose to pick up it up in person.
  3. If you are 2 weeks from your Christmas party and don't have any luck finding an ugly Christmas sweater, thank God for Amazon Prime! Be weary about buying them outside of the 2-day shipment as shipping from China merchants can take weeks!

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