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Mission Bay Pet Salon & Wash - Cass St. - Great place to wash your dog

Posted by on Friday, February 24, 2012,
pacific beach We have a dog and he loves going to dog parks and Fiesta Island to meet and wrestle with other dogs. Every time we do take him to Fiesta Island to play, he gets really dirty from the water and dirt. We always have to give him a wash after that.

We really like to take Bernie, our half chow chow, half Australian shepherd, to Mission Bay Pet Salon & Wash to get him washed. It's self-service but they have all the shampoos and equipment there that helps keep your pets calm and still while you was...
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Spring Break Hotel Specials in Pacific Beach/San Diego

Posted by on Wednesday, February 15, 2012,
Here are some specials to check out if you're coming to visit for Spring Break or Spring time.

 BEST WESTERN PLUS Blue Sea Lodge - It's beach front and you can find rates for less than $200 a night. Click to view rates. 

 Bahia Resort Hotel - This is located in Mission Bay so you see the Bay but it's also a cheap $5 to Pacific Beach top bars. You can find deals for less than $150 a night. Click to view dates

  The Dana on Mission Bay - This hotel is right on the bay and is the closest hotel to S...

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Valetine's Day at Lou & Mickey's in Downtown San Diego

Posted by on Wednesday, February 15, 2012,
My boyfriend surprised me to Lou & Mickey's in Downtown San Diego last night for Valentine's Day. It was so romantic. He ordered twin lobster tails, blackened cat fish, garlic spinach and sweet potato. It was the best Valentine's Day dinner ever.
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Getting parking tickets in Pacific Beach is $52.50 now

Posted by on Wednesday, February 1, 2012,
This is the second time in the last 1.5 months that I've gotten a parking ticket. I pretty much dumped $105 down the drain, now that it costs $52.50 for one now.

I've lived in PB on and off for 5 years and I've probably paid 4 times to the city for this. Outrageous for being a PB resident. That would be 4 nights out of fun gone! Beware guys. Watch out for the signs. They will get you. I wish there could be a limit or cap if you live here so that I don't hit the $500's some day as my total loss.

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