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Haunted Trail in Balboa Park

Posted by on Monday, October 17, 2011
We went to the Haunted Trail in Balboa Park on Oct. 16th (yesterday) and it was a great half hour of entertainment. It was pretty long.

It opened right at 7pm so we decided to arrive a bit early to find park. We parked about 2 blocks away. I'd say it was worth the time. I also suggest buying tickets early online because the line to buy tickets at the gate was so long. I think people probably arrived half an hour before opening to buy tickets.

We already had tickets in our hand so didn't have to get in line. It was great. Remember there is also another line just to get in.

It's funny to hear the kids screaming and being scared. I think it helped that there were so many people around. The suspense was a lot better to bear.

Check out their website for opening times and dates. They are not open everyday:

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