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Hummus for breakfast

Posted by on Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Around 7:40 AM this morning, I went to VONS to pick up some groceries for my mini-fridge in my office. I tried to stay healthy and have been craving veggies, cheese and crackers lately so I bought a container of jalapeno hummus, pork pate, whole wheat pita crackers, mini cheese pizzas and a pre-packaged caprese salad.

I got so excited about my grocery bag that when I got to work, I pulled a plate from our kitchen, took 1/2 of the caprese salad mix onto my plate, opened up the jalapeno hummus and pita crackers and dived in at 8:10 AM. Yes, my breakfast included my lunch items. It was so delicious! I got my protein, dairy and fiber!

Now, I'm ready for my 9AM call.
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