A few weeks ago, I bought some yelp stocks. I was only 50/50 sure that it would increase since it's so new to the market and all of the other social media stocks we're going down (ex: facebook). However, after thinking about how people actually use yelp, I feel like it has a much more better business because it's a reliable referral source. Not only yelp provides important information like the hours of operations and address of a particular business, it also gives visitors a chance to review and read existing reviews. People nowadays like to make sure where they are going is a place where they are not going to waste their money. Buyers are getting smarter and yelp provides those buyers a way to do a bit of research via word of mouth without having to personally know the reviewer. I don't ever foreseeing yelp ever going away. It's too late in the game for other companies to enter the market for a review source since yelp got a really early head start. Plus their SEO is awesome.

Today, yelp stocks went up and it's attracting a lot of traders.