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Just for your loyal visitors - Best Hook Up bars in Pacific Beach (PB)

Posted by on Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Amazingly, I get a lot of visitors trying to find out what are the best bars to find a hook up in Pacific Beach. Okay, you crazy people. Here they are from yours truly!

Best Bars on the weekends for a hook up:

Pacific Beach Bar & Grill - This is where I found my boyfriend, believe it or not.
Typhoon Saloon - There are always tourists trying to find a good time in a short period of time. They have great classic hip hop and rock on Fri and Sat night so dance your butt off.
Thrusters - My gay friend always happens to find a gay person there. Even though from my knowledge, this place has mostly straight girls and guys.
Moondoggies - Right next to PB Bar & Grill, people here dress a bit nicer and the drinks are strong.
Beachwood - This is the newest bar they have in Pacific Beach and it's a block from the beach. In fact, the recent Real World (MTV) of San Diego came here at one of their party nights with VIP cocktail service.

Have fun!

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