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Mission Bay Pet Salon & Wash - Cass St. - Great place to wash your dog

Posted by on Friday, February 24, 2012
pacific beach We have a dog and he loves going to dog parks and Fiesta Island to meet and wrestle with other dogs. Every time we do take him to Fiesta Island to play, he gets really dirty from the water and dirt. We always have to give him a wash after that.

We really like to take Bernie, our half chow chow, half Australian shepherd, to Mission Bay Pet Salon & Wash to get him washed. It's self-service but they have all the shampoos and equipment there that helps keep your pets calm and still while you wash him. Whenever we wash him in our bathtub, our house gets so dirty and smelly of dog fur and dirt. He seems to always like to do a lot of shakes near our furniture which get them really wet as well. When we go to Mission Bay Pet Salon & Wash, they have a pet-friendly dryer there so Bernie is quickly washed and dried. It makes it a better experience for us as pet owners and for our pet too.

The place is located conveniently on Cass Street in Pacific Beach and they also style your pets too if you need that service. Check out their website:

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