I had a lot of memories at Moondoggies. It was one of my go to spots when I was 21 years old and a senior at SDSU. I associate Moondoggies with my college years and the few years after it. Well, it's now closed and new businesses like Duck Dive prosper and take more of the market share. Who can blame them? They have great food and sit really close to the water. 

To me, it feels like it's an end to my era. I am no longer that 20 something year old and those memories are only in mind with no physical setting to tie it to anymore. 

Every couple of years, Pacific Beach goes through a big wave of change. Some business close, others renovate. There is one bar that you can almost bet will stay alive for a long time and that's Pacific Beach Bar & Grill. I hope I don't jinx this one.