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Most Recent Trip to SeaWorld may be our Last Time seeing a Killer Whale

Posted by on Thursday, January 15, 2015
After the frenzy about the "Black Fish" movie, many people are boycotting Sea World and trying to make it illegal to hold killer whales in captivity. Being from San Diego, I grew up seeing Shamu as a kid at Sea World San Diego and I am terribly sad that it's going to be something I'll never see again at the park. We learned a lot about these animals, all thanks to Sea World. 

Last year, we went to Sea World San Diego and this time we brought our baby son. To see killer whales up close like that is truly a gift. I am glad he got to see this beautiful creature before it was too late. People fail to see that Sea World does a lot to save many sea creatures and free them to the wild. They only keep very few for research. How else are they going to being able to study and save thousands of them without having some in captivity to learn how best to heal them? 

Here are the pictures I took on my last trip to Sea World in September 2014
This is the rapids water ride at Sea World San Diego. 

This is the family bathroom at Sea World San Diego. It had a rocking chair. I was so impressed! It's great for nursing.

This was the Shamu/killer whale show. It was amazing!

You can see a polar bear at Sea World San Diego. This one was pacing back and forth when we visited.

This was a pretty scary ride at Sea World. It's a roller coaster and has a big drop into the water as well. 

This is the entrance of Sea World San Diego. 

We will be back again! Come see Shamu one last time! They are having a 7 day for 1 price special with this link: To see hotels nearest to Sea World San Diego, go to:

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