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Random Knocks in the Middle of the Night in PB

March 10, 2020
I'm going to take you back to a time when I lived alone in a studio that was located on Fanuel Street in Pacific Beach. I was in my mid-twenties and wanted some independence and alone time to clear my head when I'd get home from work so I found the most affordable place I could find and signed a lease. This studio happened to be located behind a 7-11 where a lot of homeless people would gather around. 

Now, as a naive young professional, it didn't cross my mind that I would be affected by the foot traffic coming from this particular 7-11. I was only a block from Typhoon Saloon (which is a bar that is now closed but very popular at the time) so I thought I'd probably hear people being rowdy as they're walking to and from the bars.

I guess my studio door looked like an office door of some sort because in the middle of the night, I had gotten a few random knocks! I'd never opened the door when I'd get those knocks. I just pretended that no one was home and kept quiet. I signed a lease for 6 months for that place but I was out of there in 5 months. I couldn't handle being scared anymore and was fearful of what a weekend night in PB could bring to my doorstep. I even had a homeless person slept in front of my door on the night of Christmas Eve! It was terrifying. I wanted to call the police but I also didn't want to ruin someone else's Christmas Eve and get them in jail. This homeless man's mumbling in his sleep was so loud, I could hear it through my door and that kept me up! He wasn't one of the knockers though. He just simply slept in front of my doorstep because I had bushes there and it kind of shielded him from passer-byers so I guess he thought it was a perfect spot to pass out. He left early in the morning but I found his 7-11 cup that he had left on the ground as I was opening my front door. I was so glad he was gone. I think he was a homeless man. Til this day, I don't know for sure. He could've just been a lost depressed man on Christmas Eve who didn't want to go home. Who knows?!

Anyway, this was also a time when I was kind of in a weird cloud mentally. Our economy was in a recession and my workplace had put all of us on a furlough schedule. Every other Friday, I had a day off from work so that my workplace could save money on labor without having to lay off too many people. I was depressed that I couldn't progress in my career and not only that, I got diagnosed with an ulcer in my stomach from all the work stress. 

I generally love Pacific Beach and where I lived at that time was so convenient but I didn't love how much foot traffic the location of my studio got. People were always rowdy after coming out of bars and there were nights when I needed a decent sleep and the noise was just too much. In retrospect, I did enjoy being able to walk a couple of blocks to get to the grocery store from this studio. I was also a regular 24 hour fitness goer so it was nice to be able to walk a few blocks to the gym and be close to all the action and beach. However, the random knocks were getting too stressful for me and I didn't get the peace that I was hoping for when I especially needed them after a tough work day.

The next place I moved to after that studio was a 3 bedroom apartment on Pacific Beach Drive and to help me feel safer, I moved in with two other roommates. I didn't realize it at the time, but they were the most sane roommates I ended up ever having. I'll tell you a funny story about this Pacific Beach Drive apartment in a future blog post.


Thanksgiving Week in San Diego

December 6, 2019
Thanksgiving week was very eventful this year. We hung out at Stone Brewing World Bistro at Liberty Station (about a 10 minute drive from Pacific Beach) on Thanksgiving Eve. (A day before that, we took the $5 ferry from Broadway Pier to Coronado! Scroll down to see a picture of our view.)

We watched two football games with 25 other people at a large Thanksgiving feast at my cousin's house in University Heights on Thanksgiving Day and had way too much to eat and drink! That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

What made it super special for me this year was we planned to have a fun night out on Thanksgiving Eve to put us in the party spirit for the next day. Stone Brewing World Bistro did it for us. They had Christmas decorations up already so the holiday spirit was ready. They also had a Christmas tree lit inside.

The ambiance was warm and inviting. There was a wait for a table in the main dining area around 7:15PM so we opted for the bar where you seat yourself and order food and drinks at the bar. That worked for us because there was a lot of seating and we took our time to order. I ordered a flight set of four for $11 which was a pre-selected flight list brewed specifically from the Liberty Station location. That's pretty awesome.
By the time, we were finished with our evening, most of the restaurants around there closed for the night. However, the Christmas lights all around the Liberty Station were still lit and that made it a great farewell experience.

As a native San Diegan, I'm ashamed to say that I did not find out about the $5 each way ferry from Broadway Pier to Coronado Island until this year!

It's a 15 minute ride and the views from the ferry boat are phenomenal. While you're in the middle of the water, you see the downtown skyscrapers on one side and then the Coronado Island and bridge on the other end. You must do this! It's a great alternative to paying for another more expensive boat ride when you're short on money and time. There are no restrooms to use on the the ferry boat so make sure you use the restroom somewhere else before you get on.

5 Reasons to Live on The East Coast

October 18, 2019

5 Reasons to Live on The East Coast East Coast living is quite a different experience from living elsewhere in the US. For those moving to the East for the first time, there is much to learn about life on the East Coast. While nothing can replace living the adventure for yourself, here are a few things to expect before you pack up the car and head east.

Ivy League Schools

Ivy League schools are considered the most sought-after institutions of higher learning in the country and around the world. These eight private Northeast schools are known for their highly selective admissions process, academic excellence and promising career opportunities for those who attend. The name recognition and social prestige don’t hurt either. The list of Ivy League schools includes some of the oldest institutions in education, with well-respected professors, ample research grants and generous financial aid resources. 

Cost of Living

Baltimore's elegant architecture, friendly people and lively pockets of nightlife and music make Charm City a pleasant and fun place to call home. Prices for real estate in Baltimore are lower than in some other nearby major metro areas. The prices for consumer goods are roughly 10 to 50 percent lower in Baltimore than in New York City. 


One of the best things about the East Coast of the United States is that it is home to one of the world's major cities. While there are several large cities on the West Coast, none of them can compare to New York City in size and diversity. When people first began to settle the United States most of the major settlements were on the East Coast. Thereby, New York City is joined with Philadelphia, Charleston, and Boston as the major cities on the East Coast.

Home to Nation's Capital

The Washington, DC area is a great place to live with a variety of choices for work, recreation, and lifestyles. Washington, DC has lots of cultural activities, entertainment, shopping, festivals, outdoor recreation, and great restaurants. DC has relatively mild weather and fewer natural disasters than other parts of the United States. Residents look forward to the beauty of the seasonal changes. The Washington, DC area is home to a wide variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and economic levels.

Time Zone Dominance

American TV and major broadcasts still revolve around eastern standard time. The stock market opening at 9:30 am, the French Open finals at 9 am, and World Cup matches at 7 am are all examples of major events serving the eastern time zone.


Pacific Beach Trivia Nights

October 10, 2019
Pacific Beach has a lot of bars and restaurants that hosts weekly trivia nights! It makes a night out more exciting and mentally stimulating. 

Here's a list of places in the Pacific Beach area with trivia below:

PB Ale House

Trivia every Monday night at 8PM. Free to play.
Address: 721 Grand Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

Trivia every Monday from 8PM - 10PM with a local brewery host
Address: 1269 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

710 Beach Club
Trivia every Tuesday from 6PM - 8PM
Address: 710 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

Iron Pig Alehouse
Trivia every Tuesday for 2 hours starting at 6PM
Address: 1520 Garnet Ave., San Diego CA 92109

The Grass Skirt
Trivia every other Tuesday night at 8PM
Address: 910 Grand Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

Pacific Beach Shore Club
Trivia every Wednesday nights at 6PM.
Address: 4343 Ocean Blvd., San Diego, CA 92109

Mavericks Beach Club
Trivia every Wednesday nights at 7PM.
Address: 860 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

Bayside Landing
Trivia every Wednesday at 7PM. Free to play.
Address: 3780 Ingraham St., San Diego, CA 92109

Woodstock Pizza Pacific Beach
Trivia every Thursday with sign up beginning at 8:30PM
Address: 1221 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

The Local PB
Weekly Trivia every Thursday at 7:30PM (*)
Address: 809 Thomas Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

Trivia every Thursday at 9PM with Sunset Trivia
Address:1030 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109

Latitude 32 Pub and Grill
Trivia every other Thursday
Address: 5019 Cass St., San Diego, CA 92109

Cass St Bar & Grill
Trivia are random dates throughout the year but are with great themes. 
Address: 4612 Cass St., San Diego, CA 92109

To see upcoming bar events like pub crawls and special parties, go to the Pacific Beach Bars page.

Find Pacific Beach Souvenir T-Shirts

Find virtual trivia nights from Sunset Trivia's Facebook page.


Kids ages 3 through 9 years old go free at SeaWorld San Diego in October

October 8, 2019
Kids go free to SeaWorld San Diego for the whole month of October every year! They have their Halloween Spooktacular events every Saturday and Sunday of October and this free kid admission offer applies for those weekends as well. You just need to purchase an adult ticket. The free child ticket is for kids between the ages 3 through 9 years old only. See current special SEAWORLD San Diego ticket offers here.

More Pacific Beach family events can be found under the family-friendly events page.

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