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Labor Day weekend at Typhoon Saloon in Pacific Beach

September 8, 2013
I went to Typhoon Saloon in Pacific Beach for Labor Day weekend with 16 other people. We wanted to do some catching up with our friends so we decided to meet at 7pm there. There was a lot of room for us and the place was quiet enough for us to hear each other without yelling. The clubbing crowd doesn't come until 10pm. A lot of people don't know this but Typhoon Saloon also serves Fred's menu so if you want more TV screens and a more casual eating room, go there. We ended up staying until past 11pm so we didn't have to pay the $5 cover that starts at 10pm because we were already there. 

For dealing with a group of 17, our server did a fantastic job of taking our drink and food orders during the 3 hour timeframe. I think she was happy we were there too because we were her main event during that time. That means good tips for her. 

In the future, I would come back here again for food and drinks to catch up with friends in the evening. I felt appreciated. Here are a couple of pictures of Typhoon Saloon and their food. 

There will always be the 30 something year old crowd in Pacific Beach. We don't want to grow up.

August 29, 2013
The first time I moved to Pacific Beach, I was 23 years old. I graduated from SDSU the year prior and finally had the money from a full time job to really go out at the bars and live it up. I went to a lot of happy hours and a lot of late night bars for the next few years. It was really hard to save money when you're going out all the time and the bars were only steps away from my door but who cares?

Back then, I remember that I would run into 30 something year olds and wonder what were they thinking, still living in this town at that age? Shouldn't they be married with kids by now and stop going to the bars?

Well, I'm now 30. Shit. That was fast.  When I launched this website, I was 25 years old. I felt like I was going to be young for a long time. Truth is 30 is the new 20. I still feel young but in a different, more mature kind of way. And you know what, I now understand. Why settle down so soon when you can live it up and get the partying out of your system until you find the right guy (or gal) and pop them babies? 

Here's another truth, most of the owners and the smart entrepreneurs who make Pacific Beach such a fun place to be are 30 something and older! It's true. We know how to throw a party. You 20 something year olds really owe us a lot for making your lives so enjoyable so "you're welcome" and don't complain about there being too many 30 year olds around here like I did. 

Addicted to Facebook. One day without logging in is hard.

March 8, 2013
I'm challenging myself to go on a weekend without logging into Facebook for 3 days. So far it's been one day and it's already hard. I feel like I've been going on it more than I check my emails which leads me to one question: am I addicted to Facebook?

Let's see if my will power will help me. I don't get notifications to my email when someone posts something or comments on a picture so I won't get tempted when I see my email inbox. I do find that I like going on Facebook to check whose birthday is coming up but for this weekend, if they are important to me, I should already memorized it.

Do you think more and more people are becoming addicted to Facebook? Has Facebook changed many people's focus on their jobs and schools? I'm just glad we didn't have Facebook when I was in high school because it probably would have interrupted my studies.

1st year working in an office reminds me of the "freshmen 15" when gaining weight

March 6, 2013
During my first year that I had an office job, I gained 15 lbs and I'm pretty confident that I ate the same amount of food as before. The only difference was I sat all day in a chair for 8 hours a day and was stressing while staying in one spot. That's bad for your body.

I became ignorant of my weight gain and just blamed on my dryer for shrinking my clothes. Then, I noticed that my face was getting rounder and my confidence became really low.

When my dad slipped and called me "fat", I realized I was getting fat because he's usually really afraid of hurting my feelings. This kind of reminds me of the freshmen 15 except I lost it faster back then.

Now, post college, I really have to work out and I think that happens to a lot of people too. The first obstacle is going in there and signing up for a gym membership. I couldn't believe it. When I walked into the gym to get signed up, I was nervous! I was afraid I'd be the fattest one in the gym! But in order to get rid of this fat, I had to suck it up (literally) and just go in there. I joined the 24 hour fitness in Pacific Beach and oh my god, a lot of people I recognized from the bar scene were there! But it's only half a mile from my house so it makes the most sense at the time to join this one.

Well, I did it. I joined the gym and then lost 10 lbs within a year. It took me a long time to lose the weight because I gain muscle pretty easily but a lot of people thought I lost 20 lbs. Muscle weighs more than fat.

So office workers, get motivated and join the gym! You have to. You must or you'll get fatter and then it's going to take a lot longer to burn all of it off. You'll also feel better and less stressed out at work. I guarantee it!

Spam email from Mr. David Wooley living in PMB 809 #138 Winston Churchill Ave.

February 11, 2013
I received the following email below regarding a David Wooley who is interested in buying a house in the US. He lives in Puerto Rico. it's a spam email because when I look it up, the address shows an address belonging to a Spanish name. Beware of this hoax. See the email I received below:
I am Mr. David Wooley, am interested in buying a House/Property in USA, Please let me know if you could recommend some for me.
I need  4 or 5 rooms ensuite house with car park and swimming pool, I have a budget of 3 Million - 5 million dollars in a high breed area with cool environment.
Please let me know what you have for us to proceed with the purchase plans.
David Wooley
PMB 809 #138 Winston Churchill Ave.
San Juan, PR 00926
Phones: 775-363-5047

I hope this is helpful.

Wedding: Bahia Hotel Review of Ceremony

February 7, 2013
We got married at the Bahia Hotel in November 2012 and it was still a sunny Sunday in San Diego. Thank goodness! We had a day wedding (instead of the evening) because we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the views of San Diego and the bay at the ceremony and the reception. I highly recommend having a wedding here because of its spectacular service and price for the location and food. We had a lot of out of town guests and they thanked us for having it in such a beautiful resort surrounded by water. See image below of our ceremony on a early November day. 

Source: via Vo Industries on Pinterest

Feel free to comment below or tweet me @tillysocali if you have any questions or want to ask any tips. Happy wedding planning. I'm happy to help as I know wedding planning can be stressful. Make it memorable!

“A” Students teach, “B” Students end up working for “C” Students

October 9, 2012

“A” Students teach, “B” Students end up working for “C” Students.

I heard this slogan when I was in 5th grade. I was in "gate" class, a gifted program but never really paid attention to my grades and what they meant. I just did my best in between daydreams and insecurities about myself and afraid that people were staring at me in class.

19 years later, I'm in my late 20s and I still remember this slogan and I realize it's true. Many people who own businesses or are the top money makers are not straight A students. They are your average "C" students who don't want to spend hours every day studying for a school test. It's not that they are not smart, it's because their priorities are different than the "A" students. However, they do still value the gift of education and probably retain a lot of that information that they learned several years later. 

"C" students are used to taking short cuts and cramming readings last minute for a test the next day. In reality, a lot of times (especially in business) you get short, last minute business projects that require someone to jump on their feet and tackle the tasks immediately. "C" students are more used to that and not so much typical "A" students as they are used to preparing a head of time.

When I was in middle school, I earned a special reward for being #1 in class in 8th grade for having the highest grades. I always had straight A's. I never had a B.

When I was in high school, I was always on the honor roll and my GPA was never lower than a 3.8.

BUT then, when I went to college, I became  a "C" average student because I was not only going to school full time, I was also working 30 hours a week to pay for my bills. I refused to take out student loans. So you see, I had to focus a lot of my time outside of studying to survive in the real world and by the time I graduated from SDSU, I was used to multi-tasking, working under pressure and dealing with difficult peers in a workplace. It wasn't that I wasn't capable of getting "A"s, I just had other priorities too, like earning enough to buy food.

So now when I hear,

“A” Students teach, “B” Students end up working for “C” Students

it makes me feel so much better about how busy I was in college. I really do hope I own a lucrative business one day. The key word is "lucrative".

Statistics have demonstrated this so let's continue to prove it.


I bought Yelp stocks. I think it has a better business model than most social media companies.

August 7, 2012
A few weeks ago, I bought some yelp stocks. I was only 50/50 sure that it would increase since it's so new to the market and all of the other social media stocks we're going down (ex: facebook). However, after thinking about how people actually use yelp, I feel like it has a much more better business because it's a reliable referral source. Not only yelp provides important information like the hours of operations and address of a particular business, it also gives visitors a chance to review and read existing reviews. People nowadays like to make sure where they are going is a place where they are not going to waste their money. Buyers are getting smarter and yelp provides those buyers a way to do a bit of research via word of mouth without having to personally know the reviewer. I don't ever foreseeing yelp ever going away. It's too late in the game for other companies to enter the market for a review source since yelp got a really early head start. Plus their SEO is awesome.

Today, yelp stocks went up and it's attracting a lot of traders.

Knott's Berry Farm - Water Park and Amusement Park Special Tickets

July 20, 2012
The summer is still here. Take advantage of the weather and go to the Water Park at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park (Orange County). It is right next to the Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park.

Special Tickets are going on now for both water park and amusement park tickets at Knott's Berry Farm Buena Park. Save over $20!

Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park attraction photo

Limited time offer for Universal Studios Hollywood - 2 days for the price of 1

July 11, 2012
Universal Studios Hollywood is having a special 2 days for the price of 1 offer right now. You can only buy it online. To reserve your tickets and print this special ticket offer, buy tickets from here.

Prices are exclusive and must be purchased before the year 2012 is over. See details on 2 days for 1 and other ticket offers from Universal Studios Hollywood.
Universal Studios Hollywood attraction photo

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