Hi guys,
As bar crawls get more popular, here are some new tips.

1. Do it during the day, starting in the afternoon so you hit some great happy hours.
2. Call the bars ahead of time to see if they can get you a bigger discount.
3. Have the starting point be at someone's house locally so you can pre-game and start of on a right foot that doesn't cost too much money to get buzzed.
4. Don't too crazy themes because some strangers are just going to laugh at you and then that kills the fun.
5. Don't start too late and plan to invite people one week before not 2 weeks before. They forget and more would turn out when it's an idea fresh in their mind.
6. Glue your phone to your purse or pocket or don't bring it. You're gonna lose it.

Have fun guys! Don't lost your phone.