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Ring in the 2014 new year with a resolution you can achieve

Posted by on Sunday, December 29, 2013
We're ringing in the new year in 3 days and many people don't think of a new year's resolution until the very last minute when the conversation is brought up and that's usually when the partying has already started.

Many people don't meet their new year's resolution because they made it too broad or too hard to reach. Saying you're going to stress less for the new year is an example of a broad resolution. What is the thing that is stressing you out? Work? Relationships? Money? If it is work, then center around that. You can say for example, that you won't check your work emails during the weekend (as long as you don't get in trouble by your boss for it) so you can stress out less and throughly enjoy your weekend life.

The economy is looking a little bit better so hopefully that will change everyone's outlook on their future for the better. Most people will maybe try to look for a new job or invest in property of some sort. Others will stick to the popular losing weight option.

Whatever it may be, make sure you make the details concrete and achievable. So if you're trying to lose weight, say I'll try to lost 10 pounds for 2014 so if you reach the goal, great and if you exceeded it, then that's even better. The key is you want to resolve your resolution by the end of 2014.

Good luck!

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