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Small Dogs versus Big Dogs in Pacific Beach

Posted by on Friday, December 30, 2011
We're a beach town and we're also a pet town. My neighbor owns a pet. I own a pet. My roommate owns a pet. Good weather and pets go hand in hand.

Four months ago, we adopted Bernie. He is the cutest, smartest dog ever! We learned quickly that he makes a big sigh before he sleeps, loves to hide his bones and pees on all his new toys to mark his territory. We love him so much. We also learn that he's super playful, pigeon-toed, obsessed with being friends with boxers and pit-bulls. I'm not kidding at all!

Bernie is a 52lb half chow-chow, half Australian shepherd mix and he's 1.5 years old. When we saw him at the shelter, he was the quietest dog in his area. He was also the biggest and had a very nice character to his face. We knew he was the one.

The first time I took him on the boardwalk for a run, I didn't like putting him on a short leash because he's such a friendly dog and loves to make friends. However, I realized later that not all dogs are friendly and some owners are horrified of bigger dogs like Bernie. They would pick their puny dogs up and give me an evil stare.

Bernie does not attack small dogs. He loves to play with bigger dogs and does not bark at them. We have a good dog. I don't like it when people assume things. It's like racism but with dogs. What do call that? Dogism?

Here's a video of how my pet, Bernie looks like with his toy armadillo.

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