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Small Dogs versus Big Dogs in Pacific Beach

Posted by Pet that Squeals on Friday, December 30, 2011,
We're a beach town and we're also a pet town. My neighbor owns a pet. I own a pet. My roommate owns a pet. Good weather and pets go hand in hand.

Four months ago, we adopted Bernie. He is the cutest, smartest dog ever! We learned quickly that he makes a big sigh before he sleeps, loves to hide his bones and pees on all his new toys to mark his territory. We love him so much. We also learn that he's super playful, pigeon-toed, obsessed with being friends with boxers and pit-bulls. I'm not kiddi...
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Austin City Limits packages for $185 with Austin CVB packages

Posted by TV Enterprise on Wednesday, May 18, 2011,
You can buy Austin City Limits 3 day passes for $185 with a hotel package

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