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Valentine's Day is hard for a girl too.

Posted by on Wednesday, February 9, 2011
A lot of people say that Valentine's Day puts pressure on the guys, especially those in a relationship or are starting one soon. They have to make sure the girlfriend isn't forgotten or think less of them if they don't do the right things.

Well, news flash guys, it's hard on the girls too. Some girls don't want the guy to think she's a gold digger and think that she doesn't appreciate the relationship and expect too much. We just want flowers and candy. That's all.We want to be romanced and dined. Take us out to eat and give us some flowers and we're yours. Not all of us will not give back, you know? We'll bake you cookies, give you a card and maybe a little extra.

I don't like how some couples celebrate it like it's Christmas or something, like they have to exchange presents. I mean flowers and candy are nothing like a camera. I don't want a camera for Valentine's Day, I want signs of love like chocolate and roses. I always find it weird when my girlfriends would tell me what their guy said they want for V-day. WTF?

I don't ask for anything for V-day except for signs of love so I don't expect the guy to demand a new tv or something. What?! This is not Christmas!

Anyway, for the girls, you can bake cookies for your guy or make a nice photo collage, something that takes effort.

For my guy, he's getting some things that took me a lot of effort but I won't tell you now in case he stumbles on this blog.

Happy Valentine's Day guys! For girls, do something thoughtful for the guy that takes effort not too much money. And guys, don't think we're demanding for anything super expensive. A bouquet and some wine will do.

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