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Winetasting in Temecula was the best Valentine's Gift

Posted by on Monday, February 14, 2011
My boyfriend took me to Temecula for winetasting to celebrate Valentine's Day. It was the best weekend I've ever had with a boyfriend.

He booked a hotel, the winetasting tours and also made dinner reservations after the tour for us. It was the Valentine's Day package and I had so much fun. We stayed at the Hampton Inn. What impressed me the most is he made all of the arrangements ahead of time. I felt so loved.

So for those who read my previous blog and wondered what I did for my bf for V-day, here's my confession! I created a song for him. Yup, with my voice and everything. Garage band is great. I've never created a song and recorded my voice before so it really took a lot of balls for me.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Oh and if you're interested in doing something like this, make sure you book a hotel first because if you do last minute, the better hotels could be booked up.

Here's a list of hotels in Temecula for any of those who are interested in researching. Click here:

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