Top Picks for Dining in Pacific Beach

World Famous Restaurant (actual name)

If you have friends coming to visit, this is my #1 choice to take them for dinner. And if you get really lucky, you get to sit in the patio right at the beachfront. You can see, smell and hear the waves crashing! For quality and taste of true California cuisine, their price is not bad at all! They also so special big group reservations ahead of time.


PB Sushi

PB Sushi has  a long history in PB and it has been very reliable when it comes to freshness. It is right across from Tavern, making it a very convenient dinner stop before you hit the bars! They have 20% off specials between 12pm - 7pm every day.

Pet Friendly Places to Eat with your Puppy

Pacific Beach is a place where there are sunny skies and beautiful restaurants to dine at. However, not all restaurants are pet-friendly. If you want to go to a really pet-friendly neightborhood, you can also go to Ocean Beach. Ocean beach has a beach dedicated to dogs and located only 10 miles from PB.  

If you are hanging out in Pacific Beach with a pup, here's a couple pet-friendly recommendations:

Fig Tree Cafe 

Located in the more quaint side of North Pacific Beach, you can bring the dog if you're eating outside in their very cute large patio. They have a lot of trees and you'll see that other people bring their dogs here too. They are known for great breakfast, coffee, salads, and sandwiches. You can also impress a brunch date here (they are still only open until 2:30pm on most days)!  Fig Tree Cafe Address: 5119 Cass Street, Pacific Beach, CA 92109

Tweety Thai Cuisine  
This place has excellent Thai food and not enough marketing on the internet. People usually know them through word of mouth or walking by because they are located in the Vons shopping center hidden behind the Starbucks coffee shop. Although there is only one table to sit outside with your pet (where you're allowed to), it's a nice private spot! There is also a bit of a courtyard there so there's room for your pet to relax and chill out if you rather order to-go as well. Even though Tweety Thai Cuisine is located in the VONS shopping center, it's hard to see it from the parking lot. Walk behind Starbucks. Address is: 1768 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109. 

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

With a casual atmosphere, relaxing patio area and chill dine in experience, dogs are welcome here. Pacific Beach Fish serves mainly seafood favorites like fish and chips and a lot of fish options, made your way. Address: 1775 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Bars in Pacific Beach

Find the best bars in Pacific Beach that matches your personality!

Pacific Beach Hotels

There are many beachfront hotels that you can stay at in Pacific Beach that offers a unique experience. Save time and compare amenities and rates here.

NEARBY Dog-Friendly Beach Community

If you want to go to the dog beach in San Diego and visit the biggest dog park in town, go to Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach is the most pet-friendly beach neighborhood in Southern California.

Ocean Villa Inn - It's central to all the restaurants and shop and pet-friendly in Ocean Beach.

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