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First year anniversary with the boyfriend at Melting Pot

Posted by on Monday, December 19, 2011
My boyfriend made reservations to a secret place to celebrate our first year anniversary over the weekend. It was wonderful. A few days before the night, he told me we'll have dinner at 6:30pm at a secret place because he knows I absolutely love surprises. Right when I get into the car, he said I'll give you a hint to where we're going; it's a European theme. The first guess I made was "Melting Pot".

Appalled, he asked "How did you know?"

Well, amazingly, we're usually at the same wavelength on things and Melting Pot was recently on my mind because I've never been there!

Right when we got there, my boyfriend checked in at the front desk with his last name and the hostess said "Happy anniversary" to us. He evidently told them!

When it was our turn to get seated, the new hostess said again "Happy Anniversary"! I love this trend already. When we sat down, we saw a card and a vase with a bouquet of flowers waiting for us. My boyfriend ordered an anniversary package so he could make me feel special. Then when our assigned waitress came to our table, she said "Happy Anniversary"! Yay!

We ordered the big 4 course menu with Lobster indulgence as our entree. We dipped our appetizers in cheese, had a salad, dipped our food in a citrus vegetable 'mojo' broth and our dessert in chocolate. It was so satisfying and delicious.

It was the best first anniversary I've ever had with any boyfriend in the 28 years I've been alive. I highly suggest this place! My boyfriend's bill came out to like $146...something like that as I only took a quick glance before he placed his credit card down to pay.

It's so well worth treating your special someone on a special occasion. I love my boyfriend so much. I feel like I could say that easily to him after being treated like a princess.

So if you're planning on an anniversary dinner, I recommend Melting Pot in La Jolla!

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