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Memorial Weekend in Pacific Beach - 8 Things You Need to Consider

Posted by on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Under: Holidays

Residents and visitors head to the beach in San Diego when there are 3-day weekends during the summer. Memorial Beach is the kick off to them every year. Pacific Beach is a popular choice by many residents to enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, but don't forget, the tourists use this time to visit the popular beach too. 

Here are 8 things to consider if you're planning on making your way to Pacific Beach to enjoy some ocean water and sunshine.

1. Parking is going to be tough. Don't plan on going right before noon. You're going to end up in traffic towards the direction of the beach and spend at least another couple of hours finding parking. Make your way down there early, even if that means parking down there at 6AM! After you find parking, go on a stroll on the boardwalk or walk to Denny's or IHOP (both a block from the beach) and relax before the sun comes out. Trust me, it'll be worth it. 

2. Families will need to watch out for obnoxious tourists and college students. If you have kids and are bringing them to the PB waters, just beware that there are going to be some drinking from tourists and college students out here along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. There are a few bars lined up along the beach and the vacation rentals are full of parties. It's not bad that they are having a great time drinking, but I know some parents are repulsed by obnoxious behavior and don't want their kids to see an example of all of that around them. 

3. On the boardwalk, there will be non-regular bicyclists, who might accidentally bump you.  The regular bicyclists are really good at dodging walkers on the boardwalk, but since there are a lot of tourists and San Diego inland residents who also come out here when they normally don't, you'll need to expect some crashes. I've seen them yell "watch out" because they aren't used to the stop and go traffic on the boardwalk and even bumping into some kids. It's sad, I know. Be on the look out and don't forget to look behind. On the PB boardwalk, there is no such thing as a pedestrian right of way. 

4. No more drinking alcohol on the beach allowed, even between 12 - 6pm. If you haven't been back to San Diego for several years, this is really bad news for you. You're no longer allowed to drink alcohol on the beach for several years now. That is why so many beach front vacation rentals are doing so good and the bars are doing even better than before during the summer. It's the closest way to drink by the beach without being on the beach. So take away those beers in your cooler for the beach or you'll get a big fat ticket by the police if they come by and do their rounds to check your coolers. 

5. Hotel rates are usually higher than normal if you're considering an overnight stay. All of the Pacific Beach hotels rack up their prices due to demand so if you want to get a better rate, consider booking early or find a room for rent under Craigslist under "temporary". You'll even find some studios for rent for a day or two for a better deal than a hotel room. Don't expect to find a room last minute, like the night of. They book up fast so plan accordingly! See list here to compare PB hotels. 

6. Don't leave your towels on the beach for too long and expect them to still be there. This happened to me before. My friends and I decided to set up a spot close to the beach and left to enjoy some bar time. We came back and our towels were gone! I lost my SDSU alumni beach towel and that was my favorite one. Too bad, so sad. Most people are trustworthy but there are still a few who are not. 

7. Bring sunscreen and re-apply often. Even on a cloudy day, those UV rays are bad for you. However, chances are, it's going to be nice and sunny in San Diego for Memorial Day weekend so don't forgo health for a fast tan. You'll be out there long enough and fall asleep unexpectedly while the breeze is against you. Next thing you know it, you slept for 2 hours and are already looking like a lobster. Re-apply that sunscreen/sun block and you'll still be tan. Most people are out on the beach for at least 3 hours if you're planning on setting up shop on the sand anyway. You don't want to be that miserable person drinking a bloody mary and not enjoying it the next morning. 

8. Wear your sandals to go to the public bathroom at the beach. With so many people going to the bathroom because there are just a lot of people in general at the beach, it's going to get nasty. I know it's so easy to walk bare feet in there and it seems like a lot of trouble to slip on some sandals for a minute but I really recommend it. Sometimes kids poop in there and accidents happen before they make it to the toilet. You really don't want to accidentally step on those accidents. And the maintenance people don't come that often throughout the day to clean it so come prepared!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and enjoy the beach!

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