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Mimosa, Man-mosa and Kid-mosa! All alcoholic

Posted by on Monday, January 9, 2012
Most have heard of Mimosas, which is orange juice mixed with champagne, but have you heard of the new Man-mosa and Kid-mosa?

Well, a friend of mine made up Kid-mosa but Man-mosa, from what I heard has been around recently.

What is a Man-mosa?

Man-mosa is beer mixed with orange juice. So while the ladies are having their Mimosas for brunch with their meals, a man can opt to have a man-mosa. It's not a bad idea!

What is a Kid-mosa?
Kid-mosa was an idea my friend and I came up when we wanted a man-mosa but there wasn't any orange juice in the fridge. I knew all we had as far as juices go were Capri Sun juice bags. Therefore, we tried these Capri Suns with our beers and it actually tasted like flat soda. Not bad! I think this is good for ladies who can't stand drinking straight beer in the early morning.

Of course if given the choice, I would have a mimosa any day but if champagne is not in the picture, I'll have a man-mosa. And if orange juice is not in the picture as well, I'll have a kid-mosa.

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