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SeaWorld San Diego Visit With Kids

Posted by on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 Under: SeaWorld San Diego
As a veteran's family, SeaWorld San Diego gives us free entrance to my husband, our veteran, and 3 guests tickets every year. We took advantage of this and went to Sea World yesterday. It was a Tuesday, weekday, so the lines were almost non-existent for kids' rides. There was only a line that we had to wait for and it was super short. For mid June, I was very happy about this as it was easier to navigate around the theme park.

We really had a wonderful time. The kids enjoyed the no height restriction rides at the Sesame Street Bay of Play area (not to be confused with an entirely different Sesame Place San Diego that is 20 minutes away) and I enjoyed those no height restrictions because I can ride with them too. 

My sons also loved the large playing structure, bounce house and splash pad!

Our two kids still aren't patient enough to enjoy sitting through a show because at their age, they just want to roam around so we walked through the different aquariums and took a couple of breaks for snacks and drinks.

The only complaint that I have is they don't have enough food places/stands open at SeaWorld but I really can't blame them as there seems to be a lack of labor for the food industry everywhere. I knew parking was going to cost us something so was prepared to shell out the money to park at SeaWorld San Diego.

What were my kids' most favorite things at SeaWorld San Diego:
  • For my 8 year old, his favorite thing was putting his hands in the feeder fish pool at the Explorer's Reef Touch Pools! We went back to the front area for this 3 times!
  • For my 6 year old, he really enjoyed the Splash Pad at Sesame Street Bay of Play area (in the center of SeaWorld San Diego)! He also enjoyed all the kids' rides.
My favorite things:
  • I like that the Sesame Street Bay of Play area is close to the front entrance so if the kids are feeling antsy, they don't have to walk very far from the entrance to do some fun kids activities. The Sesame Street Bay of Play area is just past the front tide pools called Explorer's Reef Touch Pools. It made it convenient for me as a parent to get my kids there.
  • Watching the Beluga whales! Oh, they are so amazingly beautiful!
  • As always, I always love seeing the Orcas, Killer Whales. Although, I also still feel sad seeing them in captivity as well and wonder if they'd prefer to live free in the ocean.

  • The very last time we went to Sea World before this trip was during July 4th weekend a couple of years ago, the year before the pandemic. If you can help it, avoid going to SeaWorld around the weekends or July 4th weekend as just getting inside the parking lot could be excruciatingly long and painful! The lines inside for everything was also excruciatingly long too when we went during July 4th weekend. Come during the week on a weekday if you can plan for it! It'll be a much more pleasant and easier experience for the whole family, like this one was.
  • You can't bring outside food or drinks and a cooler inside the park. Exceptions may be made for guests with special dietary needs, including food allergies and baby food/formula. You can bring bottled water so bring a few of those to avoid the long lines!
  • Teachers and preschoolers get a free annual pass so go to their website to apply. Teachers link is: and Preschoolers link is:
  • Like I mentioned earlier in the post, our tickets were free because my husband is a veteran, so look out for this veterans deal. Their restrictions change year after year. Active Duty military also gets free admission once a year as well. See Seaworld San Diego Military free tickets details here:
Even though I didn't ride them, there were a few amazing rides for the big kids and adults as well. My older child was tall enough to ride with an adult for one of them and really enjoyed it.

The trip to SeaWorld San Diego was a successful family trip and I can't wait to come back again in the future.

SeaWorld San Diego is located just 5 minutes from Pacific Beach and shares the same zip code. SeaWorld San Diego Address: 500 SeaWorld Drive, San Diego, CA 92109

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