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Thanksgiving Week in San Diego

Posted by on Friday, December 6, 2019
Thanksgiving week was very eventful this year. We hung out at Stone Brewing World Bistro at Liberty Station (about a 10 minute drive from Pacific Beach) on Thanksgiving Eve. (A day before that, we took the $5 ferry from Broadway Pier to Coronado! Scroll down to see a picture of our view.)

We watched two football games with 25 other people at a large Thanksgiving feast at my cousin's house in University Heights on Thanksgiving Day and had way too much to eat and drink! That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

What made it super special for me this year was we planned to have a fun night out on Thanksgiving Eve to put us in the party spirit for the next day. Stone Brewing World Bistro did it for us. They had Christmas decorations up already so the holiday spirit was ready. They also had a Christmas tree lit inside.

The ambiance was warm and inviting. There was a wait for a table in the main dining area around 7:15PM so we opted for the bar where you seat yourself and order food and drinks at the bar. That worked for us because there was a lot of seating and we took our time to order. I ordered a flight set of four for $11 which was a pre-selected flight list brewed specifically from the Liberty Station location. That's pretty awesome.
By the time, we were finished with our evening, most of the restaurants around there closed for the night. However, the Christmas lights all around the Liberty Station were still lit and that made it a great farewell experience.

As a native San Diegan, I'm ashamed to say that I did not find out about the $5 each way ferry from Broadway Pier to Coronado Island until this year!

It's a 15 minute ride and the views from the ferry boat are phenomenal. While you're in the middle of the water, you see the downtown skyscrapers on one side and then the Coronado Island and bridge on the other end. You must do this! It's a great alternative to paying for another more expensive boat ride when you're short on money and time. There are no restrooms to use on the the ferry boat so make sure you use the restroom somewhere else before you get on.

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