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Things about Pacific Beach bars that are different from other cities.

Posted by on Monday, April 25, 2011 Under: Bars
A lot of visitors come here and they get shocked about San Diego and mainly about Pacific Beach bars and how the nightlife operates here.

Here are some things to be prepared for if this is your first time traveling to Pacific Beach.

1. Bars close early here. San Diego is not allowed to serve alcohol and operate with people with drinks after 2am so they usually try to get everybody out around 1:30 am and last call is earlier than that. I know, early. People always get so surprised because San Diego is known for their nightlife and beautiful weather.

2. It can be chilly at night. The weather can drop 20 degrees from the day. So it can be perfect at 75 degrees during the day but then it's 55 degrees by 8pm. Bring a sweater. 

3. You can't drink alcohol on the beach anymore. We used to be able to drink at noon but now we can't drink at all on the sand. It's very sad how a few crazy partiers ruined it for the rest of us. Now we can't even do romantic wine picnics with our lovers. Watch out if you do. You can get a very expensive ticket from the popo.

4. You need a car to navigate around San Diego because our public transportation sucks. Some people think we're a taxi town and that people can easily take a fun taxi ride around here. They also think everything is close together. Sorry no, our public transportation sucks. Also, you'll find a bunch of freaks on the bus too. It can take hours to ride from downtown to Pacific Beach in a bus. Rent a car. 

5. The best Mexican food is from the small taco shops. We're known for good mexican food. We're 30 min from the border so there is a so much here. Thankfully.

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